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UK Athletics physician expects expanded COVID-19 testing soon

More precautions as UK hopes to play sports this fall.

Missouri v Kentucky Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

While the University of Kentucky Athletics program has welcomed football, volleyball, and men’s basketball teams back to campus, it is no sure thing that the fall or even winter sports seasons will begin on time.

As athletic programs around the country bring back their athletes, most require frequent COVID-19 testing, Kentucky is not.

UK announced last week that it is only requiring their football players to get tested for the COVID-19 antibodies. They are not mandated to get tested for the actual virus unless they are symptomatic or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive.

With that, Dr. Robert Hosey, who is a physician for UK Athletics and the football team, told Tom Leach on BBN Live there will be expanded testing for the Football team as practice begins and social distancing becomes harder.

“I think we’ve always expected that some sort of viral testing. Diagnostic testing is going to be incorporated into our protocols, and you’re going to see that happening, and we’re still waiting on a bigger level to see what testing becomes available,” Hosey told Leach. “Is it going to get better? Are we going to have point-of-care testing where you can do more rapid testing? But, we fully expect that diagnostic testing will be part of our protocol going forward, especially as we advance into practices and — potentially and hopefully — into competitive seasons.”

Thus far, six of the 106 Football players that returned to UK tested positive for the COVID-19 antibodies and have since been cleared to return to voluntary workouts per the a press release from the University.