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Kentucky Football uniforms ranked near the bottom in SEC by Rivals

A bit harsh.

Big Blue Drew - A Sea of Blue

Football uniform preferences have been a contentious topic of debate amongst college football fans since the beginning of time.

As fashion gets wackier from decade to decade the sports world tends to follow. Since the pandemic is still eliminating any live sports action there’s not much else to do other than argue over trivial things like what athletes look the best while on the field.

If you’re a Kentucky Wildcats fan and have the internet, then you are fully aware that a large part of the Big Blue Nation does not support the checkerboard basketball uniforms, but it’s also true that most of those same fans want to see the Cats’ football threads get changed up a bit as well. It’s not that the football uniforms have been awful, but more so missing some occasional flare that other programs have implemented from season to season.

To add some fuel to the fire, Rivals got in on the action and ranked the SEC football uniforms from top to bottom.

Wondering where Kentucky landed?

Uh, yeah, they fell about where most people probably expected —— ranking eleventh overall out of fourteen teams and just sixth in the SEC East.

Despite having some of the most vibrant colors and a swaggy atmosphere, Kentucky just hasn’t been known for it’s trend setting uniforms over the years —— despite efforts to release some pretty cool alternate combinations throughout the Mark Stoops era.

Mike Farrell, Adam Gorney, and Woody Wommack from Rivals all participated in this fun little exercise of ranking each universities uniform combinations as a whole. They even went as far as to rank all 65 Power 5 teams and their uniform combinations.

When you average their three rankings out, it placed Kentucky about 39th overall.

So again, not great, but not totally unexpected.

I personally think that there is nothing like that true Kentucky blue, and that alone gives Kentucky (and Nike) a distinct advantage to produce some of the best uniforms in all of college sports, for any sport.

Here is the breakdown of how Rivals rated the SEC.

  1. LSU
  2. Georgia
  3. Tennessee
  4. Florida
  5. Alabama
  6. Missouri
  7. Vanderbilt
  8. Ole Miss
  9. Auburn
  10. Texas A&M
  11. Kentucky
  12. South Carolina
  13. Mississippi State
  14. Arkansas

If you could only watch UK play football in one uniform combination for the rest of your life —- what’s the combination you’re choosing?