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Friday Quickies: UK Football Protest March Edition

Mark Stoops and Courtney Love will reportedly lead the team in a protest march downtown Lexington.

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Mark Stoops Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

According to Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio, the Kentucky Wildcats football team will participate in a protest march this afternoon. Jones says that he’s “hearing” head coach Mark Stoops and Director of Player Development Courtney Love will lead the march.

It’s not just an honorable decision by Coach Stoops and the rest of the program, but most importantly a necessary move to protest peacefully. Kentucky football has a significant voice in the state of Kentucky, and props to the entire program for using their platform to raise awareness to the issue of injustice.

On Thursday afternoon, Texas Longhorns coach Tom Herman and his team joined the Austin Police Department in protests over George Floyd’s death. Kentucky isn’t the first and hopefully won’t be the last to participate in a peaceful protest march over racial inequality.

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