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NBA reportedly sets dates for NBA Draft and Draft Lottery

The league will hold its annual draft in the fall.

NBA: Lottery Draft Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA is set to return July 31 and conclude sometime in October. Now, we’re learning with the NBA Draft Lottery and NBA Draft will be.

According to Woj, the lottery will take place August 25th, while the actual draft will happen October 15th.

The lottery typically takes place in May during the NBA Playoffs, while the draft is usually a week or two after the NBA Finals conclude. However, the COVID-19 outbreak led to the suspension of the 2019-20 NBA season in March.

As for NBA hopefuls that are still testing the waters and have yet to make a final decision, there is still no date for when the withdrawal deadline will be. It’s typically a few weeks after the lottery, so perhaps some time in early September is when the new deadline will be.

That’s certainly going to complicate things for players testing the waters who go to schools that begin fall classes in August, so we’ll probably see many of them make a decision around then, regardless of when the withdrawal deadline actually is.

Thankfully, the Kentucky Wildcats in this year’s draft should have much to worry about, as Immanuel Quickley, Ashton Hagans, Tyrese Maxey, Nick Richards and EJ Montgomery have all already announced they’re forgoing their remaining eligibility.