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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Eddie Sutton Documentary Edition

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ESPN showed a documentary on Eddie Sutton last night. Sutton had some outstanding moments at UK, but also brought us the worst years in UK basketball history.

Indiana Hoosiers v Kentucky Wildcats Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation, and welcome to the Tuesday Morning Quickies.

A documentary on former UK and Oklahoma State coach Eddie Sutton aired on ESPN last night. Sutton recently passed away in March, and it’s fitting that his life should be chronicled in an ESPN documentary. He was a very successful coach almost everywhere he went.

I didn’t get to see the documentary myself, but others did. Here are a couple of tweets:

If you saw the ESPN program, please share your comments on it below. I’ll be looking for a rerun of it, which fortunately ESPN always does on these types of programs.

Sutton was at UK for only four seasons, but I remember when he coached the University of Arkansas to the Final Four in 1977-78, the year that put him squarely on UK’s radar. Arkansas had three outstanding players that year — Ron Brewer, Marvin Delph and Sidney (“Sid the Squid”) Moncreif, and nearly defeated Kentucky in the regional final. Of course, history will record that UK went on to send Sutton and his great team home to Fayetteville while the Wildcats went on to defeat Duke for the NCAA Tournament Championship in St. Louis.

But it was that coaching job, and Sutton’s defeat of then #1 North Carolina (a team that featured Michael Jordan) along with nine straight NCAA Tournament teams, including one Final Four, two Elite Eights and four Sweet Sixteens that ultimately made him attractive to Kentucky.

Sutton would never get past the Elite Eight at Kentucky, but he had some great names playing for him —names like Kenny Walker, Roger Harden, Rex Chapman, Derrick Miller, Ed Davender, Reggie Hanson, John Pelphrey, Deron Feldhaus, Sean Woods and Winston Bennett played for Sutton. Many of these names would figure mightily in UK legend, although ironically, most of them not under Sutton.

Sutton also brought us the worst years in UK basketball history. But that is a story for another time.

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Great to see!

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