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NBA set to approve 22-team restart

The NBA is on the verge of making its long-awaited return.

NBA Suspends Season After Player Tests Positive For Coronavirus Photo by Jeenah Moon/Getty Images

We are on the brink of seeing the NBA return. Finally.

After shutting down in March due to the novel coronavirus that ended up infecting a handful of players on teams from both conferences, the league is looking to restart with just 22 of its 30 teams.

It will reportedly have 13 teams from the Western Conference and nine from the Eastern Conference. The reasoning is that the West has more teams within striking distance of the eighth seed.

That said, this potential proposal will be proposed to the NBA’s Board of Governors tomorrow at 12:30 PM ET.

Potentially restarting in Orlando, Florida, we still don’t have several of the details quite hammered out, or at least they haven’t been revealed to the public.

What will the league do if a key player is diagnosed with the virus?

Just a thought, but an NBA Finals without a LeBron James or Kawhi Leonard isn’t necessarily ideal for the ratings. Will they have a procedure in place in case something of that magnitude happens because there’s no way they just continue the series with said player still active.

How will they maintain the safety of the players is another big question that will have to be answered. It’s far more complex than it seems, but the NBA looks determined to finish out the season.

After all, they couldn’t cancel seeing former Wildcats’ star Anthony Davis win his first ring.

With a potential July 31 restart date, the league resuming still feels too far away, but it will be here before we know it.