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Kings announcer Grant Napear resigns following response to DeMarcus Cousins

Napear tweeted back at Cousins, saying “ALL LIVES MATTER.”

Golden State Warriors v Sacramento Kings Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

The unjust death of George Floyd has sparked an outcry in America.

Many have taken to social media, the only platform for some, to share their distaste while other have taken to the streets as both peaceful protests have mixed with riots cause more unrest.

With the Black Lives Matter movement sweeping America, DeMarcus Cousins, a former Wildcat legend, decided to ask the Kings’ long-time play-by-play announcer for his take on the situation.

This is the quote tweet that started it all.

Cousins wasn’t the only ones that continued the conversation with the radio personality.

Former NBA legends Chris Webber and Matt Barnes, two players that has spent at least some time in Sacramento, also chimed in on the situation.

It didn’t stop there as Napear’s employer noted that they didn’t back his views either.

Napear did apologize for his response. He told the Sacramento Bees’ Marcos Brenton: “I’m not as educated on BLM as I thought I was. I had no idea that when I said ‘All Lives Matter’ that it was counter to what BLM was trying to get across.”

Most will agree that all lives do matter. That’s not the point, though. The country is hurting, and the insensitivity of the tweet spoke volumes when placed on such a national platform.

While many may have thought that apology was a step in the right decision, Napear went ahead and sealed his own fate, resigning from his position, one he’s had for decades.