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Justin Rogers says he will hit UK’s campus on June 15th

The highly-touted recruit will arrive in Lexington very soon.

@AllAmerican52JR/ Twitter

With many questions still in the air of when schools will have their student-athletes return to campus in mist of the current pandemic, we may have answer for the Big Blue Nation.

As most fans probably know, Matt Jones of KSR reported last week that the University of Kentucky will likely have players return to campus on June 8th. He also reported that would happen in phases.

Since then, Kentucky fans have remained hopeful that would be the case but no conformation of that has been given by the University.

Well, we may had a breakthrough on the front of when players will return.

Most folks reading this probably know who Justin Rogers is. If you aren't familiar with Rogers, the lineman is the highest ranked recruit for the Cats in the internet recruiting era. Rivals ranks him as the 16th overall player in the country and as five-star recruit.

On Monday, Rogers joined the Dylan and Dylan Sports Podcast for interview. He stated there that he will be reporting to campus on June 15th. He didn't go into any further details, but most would assume that would be when all incoming freshman would report to campus (that was not confirmed). The initial report by Matt Jones stated that it would be likely that players would coming in groups.

Either way, if Justin is coming in with the rest of the freshman or joining another group to campus, this is still a good sign for those rooting for football to return and the first report of a player letting us know when he will be on campus.