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The new Kentucky Basketball team is arriving in Lexington

The newest edition of the Kentucky basketball team is home.

UK Athletics

The 2020-21 edition of the Kentucky Wildcats are finally starting to reach Lexington, after much delay and uncertainty due to COVID-19.

New Wildcat Olivier Sarr was the first to announce that he had made it back to Lexington, and other Wildcats have since been following suit.

The upcoming college basketball season has not yet been postponed or delayed, and we might not know much until we get closer to college football season. But if the season goes ahead as planned, the new edition of Wildcats will be one of the more fun we have seen in quite some time.

One question, not COVID-19 related, still remaining is the eligibility of transfer Olivier Sarr. For some reason, the NCAA has not made a decision of Sarr’s eligibility despite the appeal being filed almost immediately after Sarr announced his decision to transfer to Kentucky.

We’ll update this post as more reactions come in.