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Friday Quickies: Recruiting Dead Period Edition

The dead period will now drag on through August

Sea of Blue

It looks like NCAA coaches will have to wait even longer to see potential recruits in action or hold in-person visits.

The NCAA’s Division I Council announced yesterday that it would be extending the dead period that is currently in effect through the end of August.

“The full Council and the Council Coordination Committee will continue to review the recruiting dead periods on a regular basis,” the statement reads. “A dead period precludes all in-person recruiting. Phone calls and correspondence can continue to occur.”

No matter whether you think this is a good idea or not, you can’t deny the fact that this greatly hurts recruits in the 2021 class as the summer, particularly in basketball, is a time that we usually see a lot of recruits make a name for themselves and move up the rankings while collecting major offers. Essentially, it’s a life-changing time for them, and as this dead period goes on, many of those players will likely go unnoticed.

Overall, this is certainly a difficult situation for all the parties involved. Mark Stoops has just begun to assemble his football class, while John Calipari is still searching for the first basketball pledge in 2021.

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