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Kentucky Dad Pod with Nick Roush

The newest dad in UK media joins the show.

The Roush Family

A familiar name joined the show this week to talk about his life as a brand new dad.

Kentucky Sports Radio’s Nick Roush graced the Kentucky Dad Pod with his presence and provided some entertaining moments along the way.

Without question, Nick is the newest father that I’ve had the privilege to invite on as a guest, so I’m very thankful he was able to find the time to catch up on what’s been going on in his life over the last 12 weeks.

As most of you know, Nick’s full-time gig is writing for KSR, and although he covers a bit of everything, most would consider his wheelhouse to be football.

Now you may or may not know that he also hosts a morning radio show with TJ Walker that airs 7-9 am Monday thru Friday. If you’ve never checked it out, before I would strongly encourage you to do so.

Kentucky Roll call can be heard locally on the BigXSports Radio 96.1 FM or 1450 AM. You can also stream it or listen on Apple Podcasts. It genuinely is my personal go-to morning show, and if you’re a loyal KSR listener, it presents no time conflict.

Give it a shot.

As usual, we started off by paying homage to some of our favorite TV Dads.

The show opens with a great “Don’t be a Moron” clip from Murray Goldberg while Nick offered up a terrific name for one of his most beloved fictional dads. Tim “The Toolman” Taylor was mentioned for maybe the first time and I loved it! (Toolman grunt).

The Roush Family welcomed a beautiful, healthy baby boy into the world on April 1st. That’s right — an April Fools’ Day baby!

Nick mentioned during the recording of the podcast that he now feels intense pressure to deliver a great yearly prank. I’d argue that pranking your child on his birthday may not be the best way to go. But then again, pranks are hilarious and it’s not my kid, so go with your gut and make sure to record it!

One thing I was eager to ask Nick about was the decision that he and his wife Brooke made to name is newly born son “Duke.”

If I’m being honest, when I first saw it, knowing that it was April Fools’ Day, I really thought that it was just the typical KSR jokester doing what he does best. I expected to see a snarky redaction or something.

On this episode of the Kentucky Dad Pod, I had the opportunity to hear firsthand the rationale behind the name “Duke” and what it means to Nick personally.

Without spoiling it too much, the decision centered around some intriguing family history that dates back generations. It involved a bad-ass memorial Army tank and has zero to do with that school in North Carolina. I found the story to be quite interesting, and I think you will too.

Duke’s mom, Brooke, is a former volleyball player at the University of Louisville. Now I know what you’re thinking — you’re probably reading this and starting to get a bit concerned about this kids’ future as a Kentucky Wildcat fan, right?

Well, don’t be.

As you can see below, the first time this adorable little guy was dressed in a Louisville outfit, he tried to bite he Cardinal birds’ head off!

Maybe they should have named him DeMarcus!

Duke going DeMarcus Cousins on the Cardinal Bird

So rest easy Cat fans, I’d say Duke is well on his way to becoming a VIP member of the Big Blue Nation.

It’s nice to know that Duke will inherit some legit athletic ability from his mom and that it all won’t be reliant on coming from dad. I say that jokingly because the Roush family tree has a long history of producing big-time D-1 talent.

Nick himself was a multi-sport athlete at DeSales High School in Louisville.

Nick Roush blocking (probably) a shot in the All A Classic Semi-Finals

I’m about 6 feet 5 inches tall, and Nick still towers over me. He quite possibly may be the tallest person in the UK media universe. Safe to say that baby Duke is going to be set up pretty well athletically — which I’m sure his pops doesn’t mind one bit.

Height isn’t the only thing that Nick Roush brings to the table. He went into great detail about his proficiency in swaddling his newborn baby. For anybody that doesn’t know, or maybe just doesn’t remember, other than food, water (milk?) and shelter, the art of swaddling a baby is of critical importance.

Nick suggested reading the book “12 hours of sleep in 12 weeks,” as he was touting his sleep whispering skills.

The Roush lesson of baby swaddling produced this all-time quote.

Well, alrighty then.

You will hear plenty more outrageous comments during this episode of the Kentucky Dad Podcast. Please make sure you’re following us @KentuckyDadPod and leave a review on iTunes.

Thanks a million to Nick Roush (@RoushKSR) for coming on the show and providing some good laughs. I’ve always valued our friendship and appreciate the content that he grinds hard to provide.

Here are some topics we covered on Episode 9:

  • Murray Goldberg “Don’t Be a Moron” intro
  • Having an April Fools Baby during peak COVID protocol
  • Story behind the name Duke
  • Why don’t kids play outside anymore?
  • Growing up with a “good cop” Dad
  • Nick ---The sleep whisperer
  • KRC men as fathers

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