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Wednesday Quickies: Best Job in College Football Edition

Does Mark Stoops have the best job in college football?

NCAA Football: Belk Bowl-Virginia Tech vs Kentucky Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Does Mark Stoops have the best job in college football?

On the surface, that seems like an odd question and one most people would probably say no to, but Steven Godfrey at Banner Society published an article laying out the reasons Stoops may have the best job in the sport after all.

Among the reasons are his contract, the expectations, being in the SEC, and being located in Lexington. Godfrey brings up some pretty good points about the benefits of being the Kentucky Football coach and being able to do it well.

There’s something to be said about all of those, particularly due to the fact that for most coaches in the SEC, expectations are through the roof. Falling short of an SEC Championship is seen as a disappointing season among many schools, but at Kentucky, Stoops is given the patience to build the program while not having fire breathed down his neck for losing a couple games in a season.

It’s a pretty interesting read and Godfrey makes a compelling case.

You can check out the article in full here.

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Let’s hope things go well and everything remains on schedule.


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