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Preseason football and basketball schedules approved by NCAA


Drew Brown - Sea of Blue

As you know, athletes around the country are flocking to college campuses to prepare for not only their chosen sport, but the uncertainties of playing in the COVID-19 era. With each school putting together its own proposed schedule, the NCAA has finally approved an official schedule to guide colleges and universities in resuming athletic activities.

Of course, college football is the first major sport that will debut on college campuses. Per that schedule, players are allowed to do “voluntary” workouts through July 13th. At that point, they will be permitted to do coach-led strength workouts and film study for eight hours per week.

On July 24th, that time restriction changes to 20 hours and teams can actually get on a football field with a football for walk-through practices. Full-out preseason camp will begin on August 7th.

Basketball’s timeline is a bit more spread out. Teams and coaches can start getting together on July 1st with voluntary workouts and team meetings, but skill instruction cannot begin until July 20th. The rest of the guidelines depends on the individual schedule of every school. Before official preseason practice begins, activity will be limited to eight hours per week.

On the first day of classes, off-season workouts may resume for basketball teams. Then six weeks before the first regular season game on the schedule, preseason practice may begin. In Kentucky’s case, men’s basketball can start official practices on September 29th.

This is all part of a very detailed plan for returning to play. But at least teams and administrators have parameters to work with in terms on planning and preparation.

Go here to read the entire release on the football schedule. Then go here to read the entire men’s and women’s basketball schedule.