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Kentucky Dad Podcast with James Streble

The long-time Sea of Blue contributor opens up about his role as a father.

The Streble Family

The Kentucky Dad Podcast had a familiar guest on the show Wednesday evening — A Sea of Blue’s own James Streble joined me fresh off his summer family vacation to Gulf Shores, AL. We discussed the joys and pains of parenting with plenty of jokes along the way.

You’ve likely read some of James’ work at A Sea of Blue and/or heard him on the airwaves at ESPN 680 where he is the co-host of “The Take” with Andy Sweeney. The entertaining drive-time sports talk show can be heard Monday-Friday from 3-6 pm EST on local stations in the Louisville area or by streaming on the ESPN Louisville app. That is also where you can tune in to the Sea of Blue Kentucky postgame shows for both football and basketball.

As the self proclaimed “Round Daddy” I’ve always appreciated the jolly disposition that James has both on and off air. From the first time we ever spoke until now, he has always been friendly and has had a genuine respect for those he interacts with. I was surprised to learn that he doesn’t have the stereotypical nice guy off the wall temper.

For his TV/Film Dad comparison James chose Clark Griswold from the National Lampoon Vacation series. His rationale was that his heart is always in a good place even though sometimes his big plans can get himself (and family) into some random shenanigans.

If you’ve ever heard him on the airwaves then you already know that James oozes with pride when talking about his role as a family man and educator. He is a devoted school teacher, husband to his wife, Cori, and the father of three beautiful children. The oldest, Kellan, is 8 and his twins, Wyatt and Ellie, are 6. Kellan is taking after his old man and is already working on a half dozen or so appearances on ESPN 680.

Kellan flexing his radio skills

Oftentimes, when I’m listening to James on radio I wonder not only how he ever finds the time to do it but also how his family feels about it. An overwhelming theme from the podcast was the unwavering support that James’ family provides him as navigates two jobs, along with his role as husband and father of three. He does one heck of a job with work/life balance and seems to have found a perfect harmony. As you can see he can flip from the switch from Dr. Seuss Day at school to on-air radio personality.

It was very fitting that both James and I had to complete our family summer vacations before having enough free time to record this episode of the Kentucky Dad Podcast.

Finding time for activities outside of family and work is always an uphill battle for all parents but it always feels good to vent! Hopefully you can find some relatable topics during the Dad Pods and get to know some of the Kentucky media in a more personal setting.

You’ll find some laughs along the way in this one. Dad jokes to end it!

Topics covered:

  • Hank Hill intro
  • Summer Vacation run-downs
  • COVID-19 Coping with the fam
  • Clark Griswold comparison
  • Dad tempers
  • Father figures
  • ESPN 680 Wild guys
  • Family support
  • Mean listeners and texters
  • Hardest part of being a Dad
  • Dad Jokes!

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