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Thursday Quickies: Jonathan Kuminga Decision Date Edition

One of the top recruits in 2020 will announce his decision on Monday


The top recruit in the 2020 class will be announcing his decision in just a few days, and Kentucky is among the final five options.

Jonathan Kuminga isn’t likely to pick the Wildcats. It seems recent buzz has been that Kuminga is really down to two options, entering the G-League training program or playing at Texas Tech.

Kuminga also has Duke and Auburn on his final list, but neither are garnering much buzz for Kuminga, who recently reclassified from 2021 to 2020.

Kentucky has been involved with Kuminga for a while now, and once seemed to be in a decent spot, but ultimately it doesn’t appear it will pan out to bring Kuminga into the fold for the upcoming season. Duke was also once perceived as the frontrunner, but it doesn’t seem he will end up in Durham either.

If I had to guess, my bet would be on Kuminga entering the G-League, but the buzz around Texas Tech seems to be legitimate, so that wouldn’t be terribly surprising either. Anything outside of those two options would be a surprise.

Tweet of the Day

Can we just focus on how huge Nick Lewis is?


Gov. Beshear believes there will be college football this fall - Courier Journal

He stopped short of talking about what crowds would look like though.

Jager Burton jumps 100+ spots in new rankings - Cats Pause

A huge jump for the top in-state prospect and Kentucky target.

Kentucky Football hasn’t had much success on Thursday nights - KSR

That changes this year.

Bam Adebayo thinking about financial future as NBA season restarts - Herald Leader

This is a part of restarting that isn’t commonly talked about.

MLB season may start after all - Yahoo

There is some cautious optimism with this new offer.

It seems Zion won’t have to answer questions about payments - SI

A judge granted a stay, so it seems Zion can stay quiet... for now.

NCAA approves six-week football practice plan - ESPN

It’s one of the first official timelines as the start of football season moves closer.

Knicks to interview Ime Udoka, Pat Delaney for HC job - Bleacher Report

Tom Thibodeau is still considered the frontrunner.