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John Calipari believes the accountability of quarantine could improve his team

He makes some good points.

Calipari Sea of Blue

Some of of are adjusting to the new normal as life resumes coming out of the quarantine. But for many, figuring out the policies and procedures of getting back into a routine is still on the horizon.

As college athletes return to campus, many institutions are planning to create a heavy quarantine experience to keep athletes healthy. They will be screened on the way in, isolated, and forbidden from interacting with the outside world. On Monday morning’s “Coffee With Cal,” John Calipari talked about how he hopes this new environment brings his team together.

“I’m looking at this, the one thing I know, these players, and I’m including football, need to be responsible to each other that,” Cal said. “You’re going to have to absolutely think more of your teammate than yourself in this, be self-disciplined and understand one guy doing something dumb, quote leaving ‘the bubble,’ why’d you do it? You understand what you just did to all of us and then, holding each other accountable, all those things.”

Calipari reflected back on his days at UMASS when his teams would be left on campus for nearly two months without other students. “So all of December and January, there was no one,” he said. “I used to be so mad and you find out, wait a minute, I’ve got 45, 50 days — back then, you didn’t have days off, you didn’t have time, all the stuff we have now — but you had time to bring your team together because it was only us and they became unbelievable teams.”

There is certainly something to this philosophy. I guess the big x-factor here is the chemistry between the player. If they already have trouble getting along, then maybe all that time quarantined together is not the best idea. But based on what we have seen from Devin Askew, BJ Boston, and Terrence Clarke this summer, it seems like this group is off to a great start.

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Posted by John Calipari on Sunday, June 14, 2020

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