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Joey Gatewood expects to make plays with his arms and his legs

The Auburn transfer is still waiting to hear from the NCAA on his eligibility timeline.

Auburn v LSU Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

It’s not everyday that the Kentucky football team has a player on the roster that ranked top 50 in the nation coming out of high school.

This year they have several, including someone who plays the most important position on the field.

When you consider the fact that Auburn Tigers transfer Joey Gatewood is a quarterback, it becomes easy to latch onto the long-term optimism that currently surrounds Mark Stoops’ program.

Gatewood won’t be the only top 50 recruit in blue and white this fall. Kelvin Joseph, the LSU Tigers transfer, was ranked 42nd in 2018, along with freshman Justin Rogers, who’s listed at 44th in the class of 2020.

The current depth of Kentucky football is nothing like fans have seen in their lifetime.

When Gatewood publicly announced his intention to transfer from the University of Auburn to UK, you can only assume that the Big Blue Nation let out a simultaneous cheer.


Well sure, he’s a five-star prospect that chose to leave one of the top football schools in the country to come play in Lexington. But the fact that he’s a dual-threat quarterback really adds a special dynamic to his presence.

The potential impact he will make on the field with his arm and legs can’t be overstated. Not only is the idea of a more exciting offense appealing for fans, it also could prove to be that final piece to the puzzle that one day secures the Cats an SEC East crown.

In an interview with Larry Vaught, the 6-4, 242 pound athletic specimen spoke about the type of player that he expects to be once he finally makes it on the field.

“I really feel like I can make a play with my feet or my arm” Gatewood said about himself.

He went on to provide comment on how he sees his skillset in comparison to Terry Wilson and Lynn Bowden.

“I feel like I don’t do one better than the other one. I feel like I am a really talented runner and really talented passer as well.” He told Vaught.

You can read the entire article here.

Gatewood’s shear size will set him apart from others and in theory allow him to get away with some taking extra hits since his frame should be able to withstand it.

The question now becomes the NCAA’s ruling on his immediate eligibility application. As of now there is no real estimated timeframe for a final decision. All Gatewood and the coaching staff can do is wait and hope.

But let’s not forget about the return of Terry Wilson — a proven winner in the toughest football conference in America.

With the struggles of last season I don’t think anyone will mind the potential of having multiple dependable options at QB.