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Florida becomes first state to implement name, image, likeness compensation

The first of what figures to be many.

NCAA Football: Orange Bowl-Florida vs Virginia Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Compensation for name, image, likeness is finally on it’s way to NCAA athletes in a decision many consider long overdue.

Friday, the state of Florida became the first state to approve of NLI compensation without waiting for a vote from the NCAA that many other states are hindering their decisions on.

According to Darren Heitner, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a college athlete name, image & likeness bill, which will become effective July 1, 2021. It will allow college athletes in Florida can sign paid endorsement deals.

California was the first state to discuss legislation on NLI compensation, but the Sunshine State is the first to pass a bill.

“I just want to say Florida is leading on this and if you’re a blue-chip high school recruit out there trying to figure out where to go I think any of our Florida schools is a great landing spot,” DeSantis said. “For all of our great high school players, stay in state. I see people going to Alabama and Clemson and I know they’ve got good programs, but there’s nothing better than winning a national championship in your home state. So maybe this will be an added incentive.”

The NCAA plans to vote on the proposal in January of 2021.