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Students will return to campus this fall at UK

This is big news for fall sports and overall in terms of getting back to “normal.”

University Of Kentucky Scenics Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The University of Kentucky will be welcoming back students this August, the school announced Friday.

“We will release our campus restart playbook early next week,” the school said in an announcement. “We are still finalizing our academic calendar; more details around our healthy campus plan. We can’t wait to welcome our students back to campus in August!”

As it stands, EKU has already announced that students will be back on campus this fall as well. They have also decided to eliminate their fall break and add two instructional days prior to the Thanksgiving end date. The school’s semester will come to a close the week of November 30th.

In May, WKU announced that their in-person classes will end on November 20th, before Thanksgiving. After the holiday, classes will finish out the semester online.

Due to COVID-19, schools are going to have to figure out ways to adjust to the “new normal.” So it will be interesting to see how Kentucky handles this.

Either way, this is huge news for fall sports. With students back on campus in the fall, there’s no reason to think any fall collegiate sport won’t play this fall, barring any setbacks with the virus of course.

So get ready BBN, I can smell the burgers at the football tailgates already.