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Thursday Quickies: Duke in the Crosshairs Edition

There is certainly some smoke. Is there any fire?

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NCAA Basketball Tournament - East Regional - Washington DC - Practice Sessions Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

The investigation into Zion Williamson’s eligibility continues, and there seems to be more and more evidence going against him. New reports indicate that the family of Zion Williamson had a massive upgrade in both housing and transportation once he set foot on campus at Duke.

When you add these questionable lifestyle upgrades to incriminating text messages and wiretapped conversations between Nike executives, could there be a real chance that Duke gets caught up in this feud between Williamson and his former agent? Oh yeah, and Coach K is on record saying that supporting players’ families is “just a business decision.”

Will this legal back and forth end up exposing the Duke Blue Devils as cheaters? Time will tell. For now, it is fun just to watch them squirm.

Tweet of the Day

If Coach K is forced to testify under oath, things could get really real very quickly.


Gina Ford Alleges Zion Williamson Should’ve Been Permanently Ineligible at Duke - Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report breaks down the public evidence against Zion and Duke. Is there more out there to be discovered?

US Marshals, DEA searching Lynn Bowden’s childhood home in Youngstown (UPDATED) - KSR

A family member of Lynn Bowden had their house searched by police on Wednesday, but it does not look like Bowden himself will be in any trouble.

SEC will hold football media days virtually - ESPN

While it may be less than of a circus than normal, at least we still get a few soundbites from Ed Orgeron.

John Calipari is a rebel no more, but he’s still always up for a fight - The Athletic

Kyle Tucker breaks down Calipari’s attitude toward fighting for his cause, and how that has shaped his reputation over the years.

New IRS Rules May Dent Coach K’s Income Significantly -

With new tax laws putting the clamps on coaches at private schools, how will that impact Coach K and schools like Duke getting top coaches?

ESPN analyst Cole Cubelic ranks Drake Jackson as SEC’s top center - KSR

Drake Jackson continues to be praised as one of the top offensive linemen in the country.

Ranking college basketball’s top 20 transfers of the 2020 recruiting cycle - CBS Sports

Is Olivier Sarr on the list? Of course. Is he No. 1? Click the link and find out.

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred says he’s ‘100 percent’ sure there will be a baseball season in 2020 - ESPN

I would almost be willing to bet against Manfred on this.

Former Kentucky players see protests as vindication of Kaepernick - Herald-Leader

Several Wildcats spoke out about current racial tensions throughout the country.

Conversations about race not going away in Kentucky football, basketball locker rooms - Courier-Journal

Josh Paschal, in particular, spoke out about how important these conversations will continue to be at the University of Kentucky.