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John Calipari wants to gather leaders for discussion on creating change

Calipari wants to be part of the solution.

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As if a global pandemic has not been enough for 2020, we have been faced with several reminders in the last few months that systematic racism is still a problem in America.

With three prominent stories of African Americans being murdered, two of those by police officers, in the news, we are now in a place of seeing protests, rallies, and riots throughout the country. It is evident that our current approach to race relations is unacceptable right now, and Kentucky coach John Calipari wants to be part of the solution.

In a video posted to social media, Calipari spoke about the impact that racism has on those around him and people he cares about, as well as the pain it causes throughout the country. In an effort to make a difference, he announced that he wants to pull together a group of leaders that have the ability to create change.

“I want to be a part of the answer in any way I can,” Calipari said. “It may be a small part. But I can’t stand on the sidelines while my players, my staff, their sons and daughters, and so many others live with fear and injustices.”

Originally intending on having a discussion about race issues on “Coffee With Cal” this week, he is postponing the show and working on a bigger platform for this important discussion for next week.

Calipari has always tried to encourage his players to be active in their communities and support those with the most need. He has created many fund raisers over time, including his “Coffee With Cal” project that raises money for coronavirus relief.

However, this move toward giving more attention to activism is a big one for Cal, and hopefully it will be able to move the needle on making a difference during this difficult time in our country.