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Friday Quickies: The Last Game Edition

Kentucky laced them up for one final scrimmage to end the season.

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NCAA Basketball: SEC Conference Tournament-Press Conference Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

This year, for multiple sports, didn’t end OR won’t end as they normally would. The NBA is still postponed with no true idea of a return date and the MLB has yet to even play a game. For the NCAA, all spring sports were canceled. And there’s nothing more impactful in sports than the month’s worth of March Madness both fans and players get to experience.

Due to COVID-19, athletes and fans missed out on that thrill this year. All conference tournaments were canceled before they could even begin or at least during the first round of games. For Kentucky, that meant Nate Sestina wouldn’t get to taste postseason play with the Wildcats.

So, grab your box of tissues. Because Kentucky indeed played one final game and we may one day actually see the footage. Although it was just a scrimmage, the Wildcats laced them up together one final time before the season truly ended.

There’s little accuracy when it comes to predicting March Madness, but it appeared as if Kentucky was coming together at the right time heading into the SEC Tournament. Maybe one day we’ll get actual footage of the scrimmage.

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