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NCAA moving forward into investigation of Kansas athletics

The Jayhawks might be on thin ice.

NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma at Kansas Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA has officially issued a response to Kansas’ reply to their notice of allegations that was released on March 5th.

The response is a 92-page long reply and it should allow the the NCAA to set a date, or a presumed date, for an infraction committee hearing.

According to CBS’ Seth Davis, a response from the Jayhawks should be coming later this week.

The Kansas Jayhawks basketball and football programs are accused of violations, with the basketball program being accused of a Level 1 violation, the most serious, while the football program is being accused of two lesser violations.

The Kansas basketball program has been repeatedly linked to the pay-for-play scandal that broke back in 2017. That included forward Silvio De Sousa being directly linked to it, and because he played during Kansas’ Final Four run in 2018, that banner could be coming down.

If any of you have HBO and would like an in-depth view at the scandal, please watch The Scheme, as there is pretty damning evidence for the likes of Arizona, LSU, and yes, Kansas.