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Support pours out for Olivier Sarr to receive instant eligibility waiver

Sarr’s circumstances should allow him to play for UK next season but the NCAA has the final call.

NCAA Basketball: Duke at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Kentucky Wildcats found their big-man Wednesday as 7-foot Wake Forest transfer Olivier Sarr announced he would be coming to Lexington next season.

Now, Sarr has to fight for instant eligibility to prevent sitting out the 2020-21 season. Sarr played three seasons at Wake Forest but has not yet graduated, which does not make him immediately eligible under current NCAA rules.

Despite this, there’s been an outpour of support for Sarr to receive a waiver to play next season due to how his time in Winston-Salem ended.

Sarr’s transfer comes after the Demon Deacons waited until late April to fire head coach Danny Manning and replace him with Steve Forbes. ESPN’s Seth Greenberg says that alone should grant him the waiver.

Dick Vitale also thinks Sarr should get a waiver to play next season.

TJ Walker had a thread on Twitter that went through several previous eligibility cases that could bode well for Sarr being eligible next season.

Rivals recruiting analyst Eric Bossi believes the NCAA may be more generous with eligibility waivers this year.

“From speaking to many college coaches, there is a thought that the NCAA is simply tired of ruling on transfer waivers (which is why they want a rule change passed) and may just elect to green light any reasonable waiver request.”

Chris Fisher of the Cats Pause also pointed out a factor that should help Sarr’s case. According to a report, Manning talked Sarr out of putting his name in the NBA Draft with the idea of returning to play for him at Wake Forest. Shortly after, Manning lost his job after the deadline had passed for Sarr to test the NBA draft waters.

All of this should be enough to get Sarr the waiver but with the NCAA making the final call, no one will know for sure until they decide.