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Vince Marrow and Erin Calipari defend UK’s academics

Erin went to Wake Forest, so she knows better than anyone.

NCAA Basketball: East Tennessee State at Xavier Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, Wake Forest head coach Steve Forbes took an unnecessary shot at the University of Kentucky’s academics.

As you know, Wake Forest center Olivier Sarr put his name in the transfer portal and has since committed to the Kentucky Wildcats. But before he did, Forbes tried to convince Sarr to stay at Wake Forest by taking a shot at UK’s academics.

“I think the most important thing is, why would you go to Wake for three years, put all that time in for a prestigious degree, and end up getting your degree at a place like Kentucky?”

Kentucky has made the championship game (2018) and the Final Four (2019) in the last two academic NCAA Tournament brackets. Not only would Sarr get a very good education at UK, he would also get to play for one of the best coaches in the country.

Those comments made by Forbes ignited a fire in the BBN on Twitter, and even Kentucky Football coach Vince Marrow had something to say about that statement.

“My daughter will graduate from one of the best academic [institutions] in America @universityofky next week and for someone to take a shot at this great university. I take offense to that comment. Go Big Blue”

John Calipari’s daughter, Erin Calipari, who actually went to Wake Forest, also had something to say about the statement made by coach Forbes.

“As a Wake Forest graduate, I still think it’s completely unacceptable and incredibly elitist to act like the University of Kentucky isn’t a top academic institution. UK is a world leader in many fields, including my own (substance use disorder research).”

“Also, as an academic I can tell you that entire institutions aren’t better than others. How good of a fit an institution is for you depends on field of study, your goals, and fit. Without my education from a state school (UMass) I would never be where I am now.”

Once again, this was an unnecessary comment made by Forbes considering Kentucky is a very good academic institution. However, it is always fun to see the BBN rally to defend their school when someone takes a shot like that.