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Devin Askew reveals what’s talked about in the 2020 recruiting class group text

“We feel like we can win No. 9.”

Devin Askew on Instagram

What does a group text filled with the No. 1 recruiting class in the country look like, you may ask? Well in an interview with Sports Illustrated’s Jason Jordan, Devin Askew told us what the new Kentucky Wildcats recruiting class talks about on the daily.

“We just talk about how special our team is,” Askew said. “And going out there and winning No. 9 for Kentucky. But expectation wise, people expect us to win it all, I feel like we can do that.”

Not quite what you would expect from a normal teenage boy group chat, but this group is some ballers on the court and they’ve show they have the will to win and put in the work to make it happen.

Let’s not forget that just a couple weeks ago, Terrence Clarke flew across the country to work out with Askew and BJ Boston, just to get some work in.

In addition, Askew gave fans an update on when the team could be arriving in Lexington.

“We actually have a Zoom call meeting tomorrow (Thursday),” Askew said. “So, I think Coach (John Calipari) will fill us in on that information tomorrow. But as of right now it’s looking good that we’ll be getting back in there earlier.”

UK has yet to announce when players can return to campus, but the belief if it will be on June 8th or right around it since the NCAA and SEC announced that’s the day athletes can begin returning to their respective campuses.

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