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Jeff Goodman drops UK in “Way-Too-Early” rankings following addition of Olivier Sarr

Someone take away Jeff’s computer.

NCAA Basketball: Tennessee at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Goodman is a character of some sorts. Before the addition of Wake Forest transfer Olivier Sarr, Goodman had the Kentucky Wildcats at the No. 23 spot in the “Way-Too-Early” preseason rankings.

So, when the Cats managed to land the best transfer on the market, a 7-0, 250 lbs, center out of the ACC, Kentucky rocketed up to a top-10 team in many preseason rankings. And in the ones that aren’t factoring in Sarr until he’s eligible, Kentucky is still coming in the top 15.

However, Goodman actually dropped the Cats one spot to No. 24. In fact, Goodman previously said in his initial “Way-Too-Early” rankings that “they can move up if they can add a frontcourt grad transfer, but the current roster isn’t worthy of a top-20 ranking.”

Sarr is not a graduate transfer, but was in fact the best transfer on the market, graduate or not. So that was clearly not true.

All-in-all, these rankings are meaningless and nobody knows who will be good come November, or even next March, and Goodman’s rankings are essentially click-bait, and he knows Kentucky fans would bite.

But if you’re curious, Kentucky is behind the likes of:

  • Arizona State (12th)
  • Richmond (13th)
  • RUTGERS (14th)
  • Stanford (17th)
  • Alabama (18th)
  • Tennessee (20th)
  • Florida (21st)
  • Texas (22nd)
  • Louisville (23rd)