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West Virginia president Gordon Gee talks outcomes of players testing positive for COVID-19

With football season on the horizon, it’s important to start preparing now.

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

This is a confusing and difficult time for most. However, things are starting to open up around the country.

In the sports world, there has been a lot of positive news to come out in terms of playing.

Comments made from West Virginia’s president Gordon Gee made a lot of sports fans happy.

First, he stated that there would be football even if he has to to suit up himself. Much respect as the man is 76 years old!

Fortunately, it’s looking like it won’t come down to that.

Gee was on Finebaum this past Monday talking about how to handle the virus and what would/could happen if a player tested positive during the upcoming season.

“I think we’re learning how to control it,” Gee said. “And one thing is that we need to get over the panic. We just need to be calm about this thing. It is here. It’s gonna deal with it. If one of our athletes — for example, we’re talking about football right now — if one of our athletes gets the coronavirus, we can’t just shut the whole thing down. We have to learn to control that part of what we’re doing.

The most important thing he hit on was panic. While the virus is dangerous and concerning, we must come together and be greater than the fear it creates.

He also mentions that the likelihood of a player testing positive is very high, so conversations like these need to be had in order to be prepared for that moment.

“Someone is going to come down with coronavirus, let’s just be clear about it. But the question is how do we handle that? Do we have isolation rooms? Do we put them into quarantine? … Then the final thing, in terms of college football, is how do we make sure our own team and the visiting teams both are given all the opportunity to protect themselves from the virus, but also to be able to play the game in a safe environment.”

The main priority for any program is the safety and health of the fans, faculty/staff, and of course, the players.

No one knows yet what will happen or how things will play out. All we know is that we miss sports and we can’t wait to watch our favorite teams play again.