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DeAndre Williams’ mentor throws shots at UK’s recruiting efforts


NCAA Basketball: Evansville at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

DeAndre Williams committed to the Memphis Tigers last weekend, but it seems his mentor and former coach, Kenny Roy, has some beef with Kentucky and the coaching staff.

In an interview on the Jason and John show, Roy said that Kentucky believed they could “show up late to the dance and steal your girl.”

“Once DeAndre hit the portal, (Penny) Hardaway was there from the very beginning until the end. Kentucky came a week later. You have to look at it that way,” Roy said, They’re Kentucky, they think they can show up to the dance and steal your girl. I guess they had another thing coming when it came to [recruiting vs.] Coach Hardaway.”

But, it also seems like their was a little sour grapes on Roy’s side of things, as Kentucky tried to talk to DeAndre and his mother, rather than go through Roy.

“I look at it this way with Kentucky. Kentucky showed up a week later. We gave everybody the ground rules of how to play ball. Kentucky, they started doing their own thing, dealing with DeAndre directly, not coming through me. That played an important part, as well, because they didn’t play by the rules correctly. They thought they could go directly to DeAndre, they thought they could go directly to mom.”

If there’s one thing we know about John Calipari, he will not play be anyone else’s “ground rules” no matter how bad he wants you.

And in regards to the rumor that Kentucky backed off Williams? Roy said that was false as well.

“Do not believe any of the literature that Kentucky backed off. Kentucky didn’t back off no way, no shape, no form,” Williams’ mentor said. “DeAndre was receiving texts until the very last day about how much they wanted him. That’s just their spin that they’re putting on it.”

Do we have some sour grapes that Kentucky backed off one of Roy’s kids, or did DeAndre just simply choose Memphis instead?