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Tyrese Maxey says Kentucky playing against 5-star teammates was “amazing”

That is why special players go to Lexington.+

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If you feel like you have a lot of time on your hand right now, you are not alone. Lots of athletes are talking and giving more interviews that normal. In fact, they are talking even when media members are not around.

Recently, Immanuel Quickley and Tyrese Maxey went on Instagram Live to talk about their experiences at Kentucky. They talked about the season, their perceptions of the school, and what it was like to go into practice every day against top talent.

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Of course, Quickley went from the 6th or 7th option in 2018-2019 to being the SEC Player of the Year the following season. But Tyrese Maxey came in as a lottery pick and will leave in that range, as expected.

Despite their completely different routes out of Kentucky, the two guys had a lot of great things to say about their experiences. Maxey, especially, seemed to appreciate what the daily competition brought to his game.

“I tell people every day that asks me about Kentucky, I say, ‘I loved it because I had to compete with the best of the best every single day’”, Maxey said. “There’s not a day that I could just take off. That’s why you go there. You go there because you have to go against other five-star recruits, other NBA players. It was amazing. I loved every bit of it.”

Maxey went on to talk about how close he feels to the guys he shared his life with in Lexington. “It feels like I’ve known you since I was little, man,” Maxey said to Quickley. “It’s crazy. I tell people that all the time, that’s one thing about going to Kentucky, I feel like it’s a brotherhood. I feel like I’ve known all of you all since I was four years old when we’ve only known each other for nine or ten months. It’s crazy.”

Of course, the word “brotherhood” is often associated with Duke. However, the sentiment is real in that Maxey feels a connection to Kentucky and his teammates, even though he never even completed a single season there.

This could be a great tool in recruiting, as many recruits follow current players to find out about their experiences. Regardless, it is great to hear that Maxey got what he wanted from the University of Kentucky, even if a few guys have come and gone since Maxey arrived on campus.