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Sports broadcasts may add artificial crowd noise if no fans allowed

If no fans are permitted other networks could follow

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

There is no doubt that the idea of football being played without fans in attendance is weird and uncomfortable. But I think most every sports fan would agree that football with no crowd is far better than no football at all.

It’s really hard to imagine a game like football being played in a low noise atmosphere. On television what would you even hear?

The pads cracking, the QB count, coaches yelling?

At this point, nobody knows. That scenario would just introduce more unprecedented circumstances that people around the globe will have to adapt to.

Assuming the National Football League does proceed to play games this fall without people in stadiums, much of the fan experience from home will be driven by the network’s delivery of a crowd-less game.

That being said, Fox is considering filling in artificial crowd noise and virtual fans during their broadcast of NFL games this season.

Obviously it’s only May and a lot can change by the time football season rolls around but the idea of empty stadiums is definitely one that is being entertained by decision makers.

The potential move by Fox was made public today by announcer, Joe Buck, while doing an interview with Andy Cohen on Sirius XM.

“It’s pretty much a done deal, I think whoever is going to be at that control is going to have to be really good at their job and be realistic with how a crowd would react depending on what just happened on the field. So it’s really important.” Buck Said.

Adding in some crowd noise is understandable but virtual fans in the stands could get to be a little too much of an augmented reality.

The great thing about sports is that they are as real as it gets. Adding too much technology into the game could oversaturate things but then again a football game in dead silence doesn’t exactly sound appealing.

One thing to keep in mind - If college football were to resume play without fans then that could bode very well for Kentucky. The Cats are set to play tough games on the road at Florida, Auburn, Tennessee and Louisville.

Taking away a major part of their home-field advantage could be huge for a Mark Stoops’ team that has their sights set on winning the SEC East.

I’m torn on the issue, what about you?