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SEC officials to make key decision next week about college sports

This could be very telling.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 19 LSU at Mississippi State Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The leaders of SEC member schools will be making a key decision next week.

On May 22nd, they will vote on whether or not to open athletic facilities in June, according to ESPN. If they vote to do so, it could be a key step in the resumption of sports.

Recently, NCAA president Mark Emmert said that the NCAA will not make decisions for individual schools on returning to sports, and went so far as to say conferences will not be making the call. However, this meeting next Friday seems to suggest otherwise.

SEC commissioner Greg Sandy would not confirm the stories about this meeting, but several administrators within the conference spoke to the media about it earlier this week.

June 1st seems to be a date that continues to come up when schools discuss the re-opening of athletic facilities. Of course, schools will need to prepare to meet state and local guidelines when resuming activities, whenever that may be. So making the decision during the weekly meeting on May 22nd would make a lot of sense.

If the vote does not happen on that date or the result is a “no” vote for re-opening, it is always possible to continue to consider these issues on an ongoing basis. So next week’s vote could be the start of resuming sports, but ultimately, everything is tentative until something actually happens.