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Recruiting dead period extended through June 30th

This is going to be a tough summer for everyone on the recruiting trail.

Tennessee v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

When the pandemic hit and the world turned upside down, the NCAA decided to limit travel by shutting down recruitment through the end of May. As of Wednesday, the recruiting dead period has been extend through June 30th.

The dead period means that there can be no in-person assessment or recruitment of athletes. However, we do know that coaches are accustomed to recruiting on the phone and have adapted quickly to video meetings with recruits and their families.

Obviously, there will be some coach that do not translate as well through their computers. So this could impact how effective some programs are in making an impression, but given that everyone is on the same playing field I do not see it having an impact on where players choose to go to school.

A bigger concern, perhaps, is that part of this announcement included a review on May 27th that possibly may extend the dead period even further. Again, I do not believe this will make a big difference in what programs are able to land certain players, it may cause some players to go unnoticed if they are unable to showcase their skills during this time when they should be playing in front of coaches and scouts.

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