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Kentucky listed as a 4 seed in way too early bracketology

Way...way...way too early.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: FEB 18 Kentucky at LSU Photo by John Korduner/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Sports are not currently happening in America, so the only topics that can keep sports fans content involve arguing about the past or speculating on the future. That creates a wonderful environment to look far into the future and make predictions based on limited information.

That’s where Joe Lunardi does his best work.

In the latest edition of Lunardi’s bracketology on ESPN, the Kentucky Wildcats are listed as a 4 seed in the West Region. Gonzaga is listed as the 1 seed, Wisconsin as the 2, and Texas Tech as the 3. Kentucky’s route to the Final Four would include matchups with Georgia State, Oregon, Gonzaga, and Wisconsin. The other 1 seeds in the bracket are Villanova, Virginia, and Baylor.

Of course, there are so many variables on all these teams as far as health, roster makeup, and team chemistry. We have no idea which transfers will be eligible, who may be injured, or who may have a breakout season. Kentucky could be the top overall seed come March, or they could be fighting for one of the final spots.

Regardless of how limited the scope is in Lunardi’s predictions, it gives fans something to talk about. And for Big Blue Nation, that means feeling disrespected by not being handed a 1 seed despite a roster that only returns one player with significant minutes in a Kentucky jersey.

If Olivier Sarr is deemed eligible, Kentucky is absolutely a national title contender. Without him, they still have a shot to be special if BJ Boston is as good as advertised.

What do you think about Lunardi’s predictions? Too early to tell? Or do you think the Cats, with the current roster, are already underrated?