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Louisville receiver throws shade at UK receivers; gets roasted by Lynn Bowden

Probably not the right person to start a fight with, on Twitter or otherwise.

Louisville v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Louisville has not beaten Kentucky for many in-state recruits lately, but three-star wide receiver Jordan Watkins is one of them.

Seemingly in response to Kentucky’s two big receiver commitments last week (Dekel Crowdus and Armond Scott), Watkins tweeted out his confusion of the skill players flocking to Lexington.

Watkins tweeted, “I wonder what it’s like to go to college to play WR and block the whole time...couldn’t be me lol.” He also served up some emojis with his run on sentence, but I digress.

In some ways, he is not wrong. There has not been a wide receiver that has come to Lexington and made a splash catching passes. But if you look at the talent in the quarterback room, you have to think the future is bright and those new receivers will have a chance to do something special.

However, there is one receiver that particularly took umbrage at the comment. Lynn Bowden responded and let Watkins know that he may not be blocking as much, he would also not be winning. In a direct reply to Watkins, Bowden tweeted, “You gone see how it is to lose too.”

After trading Twitter jabs with Watkins and other Louisville fans, which I assume they prefer to his real jabs, Bowden put out a video of him dominating the Louisville Cardinals with the caption, “L O S E R S.”

Most of the video consists of Bowden scoring touchdowns against Louisville. If I recall, that was pretty much the majority of the game last fall anyway.

Kudos to Bowden for representing the Kentucky receivers room. You also have to think this is great bulletin board material for the entire Kentucky offense. Thanks again for the motivation, Cards!