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Major League Baseball eyeing Fourth of July return

We may have Major League Baseball on our TV’s soon.

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Cincinnati Reds David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Major League Baseball is eyeing a July 4th start date for its season, according to Fox Sports insider Ken Rosenthal.

The MLB owners will be presenting the date on Tuesday, May 12th to the MLB players union. If the plan is approved, then July 4th or around that date will be the preferred start date.

And, as expected, there will be no fans in attendance for the remainder of the season. The season would also be shortened to an 82-game schedule in order to complete the season around their normal time frame.

Teams will be playing more regional opponents to reduce travel, regardless of their league or division. And the best result of them all? The National League is expected to adopt the designated hitter rule, which is how baseball should be played because no one wants to see a pitcher take three called strikes.

With MLB eyeing a return, I hope to be able to watch some sports soon. I am desperate.