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NET rankings getting adjusted

Some slight changes.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-South Regional Practice Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA has announced some changes to how they will determine NET rankings going forward.

Instead of being a five-component metric, the NET rankings will only take into account Team Value Index (TVI) and an adjusted net efficiency rating staring during the 2020-21 season.

Thus, the use of winning percentage, adjusted winning percentage and scoring margin will no longer be used to form the rankings.

The NCAA says the change is to “to increase accuracy and simplify” the rankings, which many have had trouble figuring out in the past.

TVI is is a result-based feature that rewards teams for beating quality opponents, particularly away from home while the adjusted efficiency is a team’s net efficiency, adjusted for strength of opponent and location (home/away/neutral) across all games played.

With these the only two features, it appears the NCAA has made a wise decision as teams will be rewarded for quality wins while upset losses will be a clear knockdown.

It would be interesting to see the NCAA apply this new formula to the final NET rankings from last season, which saw Kentucky finish 21st, which was ridiculously low for a team that went 25-6, won the SEC, and was ranked