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Kentucky Dad Pod Episode 6 with Mike Willis

One of the best secrets in the UK media offers insight to his parenting style.

Mike Willis

The Kentucky Dad Pod released Episode 6 on Saturday with Mike Willis from SportsView America joining me. As I said on the show, I consider Mike to be on the best kept secrets in the Kentucky media universe. He’s a genuine good guy and he can also be pretty dang funny.

Mike befriended me early on in my media career and he’s been someone that I’ve stayed linked up with ever since. We spent time together while in Kansas City for the 2019 NCAA Tournament run that ended in heartbreak. Experiencing that amazing and also devastating weekend together definitely cemented our friendship.

Make sure your following him @Michael_Willis1

Mike has two kids, Benjamin is 11 years old, and Elliot is 7. They are both huge UK fans and tag-a-long to events whenever they can. We’ve talked about it before, but again mentioned on the show trying to get some kind of “bring your kid to work day” for a media event. Between us, Mike and I have about zero pull to get something like that off the ground, but who knows! It would provide for some terrific content.

Mike’s wife Stacy is a tremendous help considering Mike’s everyday job as home inspector is very tasking, so like most of us, finding that work life balance can be difficult without that partnership.

Here are the topics we discusses on episode 6:

  • Meet Mike Willis!
  • COVID-19 Coping
  • Mike growing up in a small town
  • Best TV Dads!
  • Go-to punishment for the kids
  • Bring your kid to a media event?
  • Drew does not want to be a coach, EVER
  • What is SportsView America?
  • Intimidating starts in the media
  • Dad jokes to end it!

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