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Scott Brooks says John Wall will not return even if suspended NBA season resumes

Wall is expected to back in action next season.

NBA: Atlanta Hawks at Washington Wizards Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA has been suspended for almost two months due to coronavirus. That’s given players that were out more with injuries time to recover. John Wall, a former Kentucky Wildcat, is one of those players that has missed all of the 2019-2020 season.

While there’s still no resume date, players like Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant and John Wall could all be able to join their teams for the first time this season. However, Durant’s Nets are really the only team with any reason to play their star.

Even if he were fully healthy, there would be good reason for the Wizards to rest Wall as they’re firmly out of playoff contention. That said, fans can start to look ahead for the return of Wall next season, not in the near future.

Wizards head coach and former Thunder head coach talked with 106.7 The Fan about Wall’s health, continuing the plan to bring him back next season. Here’s a link to the entire session.

“No. Definitely not, but he’s definitely ready next season. He’s looking great. When I saw him last in March, he was terrific. If we were continuing to play and he was going through more practices and continuing to progress and check off all the boxes that we need to be checked, then yeah. But nobody ever anticipated this would happen and we would still have, theoretically, 18 games left and it’s going to be mid-May soon. He will be ready,” Brooks said.

Not oftentimes considered one of the best point guards in the league, Wall, who has been out almost 18 months, had consistently been one of the better playmakers in the Eastern Conference until his career was plagued by injury.

While not much will be expected of the Wizards, Wall will finally be able to take the court, an activity he’s probably been dying to do. That said, Wall will be playing in the near future but definitely not too soon.