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Kentucky Dad Pod Episode 5 with Terry Brown

TB isn’t one to hold back......

Terry Brown

Episode five of the Kentucky Dad Pod was released on Friday with Terry Brown joining Drew Brown for a discussion around the challenges of parenting. You may know Terry from his weekly show, Cats Talk Wednesday, or his work co-hosting the ESPN 680 UK postgame shows.

Not only do we share the same last name but Terry was actually one of the first relationships that I built within the UK media circle. We spent time together during the 2019 SEC Tournament in Nashville. Immediately after I started the Kentucky Dad Pod I knew that he would be one of the first people that I’d invite on as a guest.

Not only is Terry is a dedicated father to his two daughters, Sarah 14, and Lauren 11, but he is also a guy that will speak his mind. If you follow him on Twitter (@TBrown_80,) and you should, you know that TB isn’t one to hold his tongue on issues that he’s passionate about. I have always appreciated his willingness to respectfully engage in a difficult discussion while at the same time being open to other points of view.

That foundation of respect and getting down to business likely came from Terry’s father, James, who was in some regards, a larger than life figure to many folks. Major James Brown was a member of the Louisville Police Department and really laid a solid foundation for his kids, a foundation that Terry still leans on when parenting his own children.

Back in 2018 Terry tweeted out a thread detailing a powerful story involving his Dad. You can read the entire thing below to get a better idea of just how big-time Terry’s father was to an entire community.

Here are a few of the topics we hit on Episode 5.

  • Phil Dunphy Cool Dad
  • Terry’s Dad a real-life Shaft
  • COVID-19 presenting major challenges for a split household
  • Mama Brown throws down in the kitchen
  • Raising two girls as UK fans and lacrosse/field hockey players
  • Kid punishment strategy
  • Terry swats a 5th grader?
  • Favorite TV Dad
  • Dad jokes to end it!

Thanks to my friend Terry Brown for taking the time to jump on the Kentucky Dad Pod. Make sure you’re following him and us - @TB80_Brown and @KentuckyDadPod

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