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Friday Quickies: The Resurgence of John Wall Edition

Kentucky’s first star of the John Calipari era is ready to prove his doubters wrong.

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When’s the last time you saw Washington Wizards point guard John Wall lace them up and take a NBA court? I couldn’t tell you, either. It seems like he’s been hurt for more than just a year and a half. However, December 26th, 2018 was indeed the last time Wall played in a NBA game.

The five-time All-Star has been sidelined since then due to a surgery on his left heel and later a procedure to repair a ruptured achilles tendon. Nearly 17 months later and Wall is ready to prove all of his doubters wrong.

Per Kentucky Sports Radio

“Man, forget even playing basketball, just let me have my leg so I can walk and be normal and play with my kid, whatever,” Wall said. “Then I finally got past that stage where now I’m like, I can’t wait to prove everybody [wrong] and show everybody what I got because everybody thinks I’m done.”

The road won’t come easy, considering achilles injuries are almost impossible to completely rebound from. Although, Wall does have modern medicine on his side as well as the motivation of making his return to the hardwood.

For most players who suffer this injury, it’s most likely towards the end of their careers. For Wall, though, he’s only 29 and could potentially have 2-3 years of his “prime” left.

The road to a full recovery is not yet over, but it certainly appears like Wall is up for the challenge.

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