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Kentucky Dad Podcast: Episode 2 with Justin Rowland

Listen to this and you will appreciate Justin’s work at CatsIllustrated even more.

Justin Rowland

The A Sea of Blue Kentucky Dad Podcast is off and running!

On Tuesday, Justin Rowland, publisher for CatsIllustrated joined me for Episode 2. It was a blast to record and I think you will find it worth your time to check it out.

Not only is Justin one of the more plugged in people that covers UK athletics but he also has one heck of a family life to manage.

The Rowland Family features five (!) children.

For most people, that number sounds absolutely terrifying, but it was interesting to hear Justin detail his love for his family and strategy for having a happy life.

While many people around the globe are teaching themselves to work from home right now, Justin already has many years of experience under his belt and shared some helpful tips for getting work done around the house. His responsibilities at CatsIllustrated are demanding, but it was clearly spelled out during the podcast that he loves his job and it’s important to him to put out quality content year round .

You can subscribe to the great work that Justin, Travis, Jeff, and David do over at Rivals by using the link below.

Here is what we covered on The Kentucky Dad Podcast:

  • Justin talks about his work history and current position with CatsIllustrated
  • A day in the life with five kids AND working from home
  • Continued COVID-19 coping strategies
  • Keeping calm a calm disposition at home and keeping the peace within the Rivals message boards

It was a pleasure getting to know Justin Rowland a little better and I’m looking forward to getting him back on The Kentucky Dad Podcast soon. Heck, he left the door open for child #6! So who knows!

Please subscribe and review in Apple Podcasts! New Episode coming next week.