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NBA Mock Draft Roundup: Where the Wildcats stand in recent projections

Immanuel Quickley is getting first-round projections.

Jamie Boggs - Sea of Blue

The NBA Draft is still currently slated for June 25.

While that has a high probability to be postponed, the Wildcats’ potentially involved need to be preparing and training like that’s the date their future will be forever changed.

For the Kentucky Wildcats, almost half a dozen are expected to put their name in and take their shot at the next level. Most have had drastic shifts in where they’ll be drafted, if they are drafted.

That said, let’s get into where the Wildcats have been slated in recent mock drafts by the national media. Before that, check out this intriguing graphic by HoopsHype’s Bryan Kalbrosky that gives a timeline of the Wildcats and their NBA stock the last few months.

HoopsHype’s Bryan Kalbrosky

Tyrese Maxey — No. 7 to the Chicago Bulls:

“Chicago has a formidable frontcourt with Lauri Markkanen and Wendell Carter. Now that Zach LaVine has shifted to playing more minutes on the wing than at guard, however, the Bulls could use serious help in their backcourt. After selecting point guard Coby White in the lottery last season, selecting Tyrese Maxey would give them a two-way threat who can create his own offense. Much like LaVine, Maxey is a fantastic athlete and can be a valuable asset to Chicago’s rebuilding process.”

Immanuel Quickly — No. 30 to the Boston Celtics:

“But he dramatically improved his draft stock with 21.3 points per game this February, earning SEC Player of the Year by the coaches in his conference.”

NBC Sports’ Rob Dauster

Tyrese Maxey — No. 9

“Taking a risk on Maxey this high in the 2020 NBA Mock Draft means betting on the fact that his 29 percent three-point shooting as a freshman has more to do with adjusting to the college level than it does his actual shooting ability. Coming through high school, Maxey had the reputation for being a big-time scorer because of his ability to make deep jumpers off the bounce and because of the way that he can finish around the rim with a variety of floaters and layups.”

Dauster only recorded his top-40 prospects.

Bleacher Report’s Jonathan Wasserman

Tyrese Maxey — No. 12 to the Sacramento Kings

“With Bogdan Bogdanovic set to enter free agency, the Kings could target Maxey for backcourt depth and scoring. They shouldn’t put too much stock into his disappointing shooting percentages, given his clear shot-making skills and the fact that previous Kentucky guards have blossomed with more NBA space. Maxey’s lack of explosiveness and playmaking lower his perceived ceiling, but his pull-up game, floater, advanced finishing and NBA body hint at a high floor.”

Wasserman only did a first-round mock draft.

SLAM, written by site staff

Only through 14 picks, releasing more on Monday April 6. So far, Tyrese Maxey is not off the board.

Sports Illustrated’s Jeremy Woo

Tyrese Maxey — No. 10 to the Phoenix Suns

“Phoenix has gone through a revolving door of guards the past few seasons and found some success pairing Devin Booker with Ricky Rubio, letting the former move off the ball more frequently and taking away some responsibility to create offense. Maxey would be an immediate upgrade off the bench and profiles pretty well as a third guard who can play on or off the ball, can finish capably and defend his position, and who most expect to end up shooting it better from distance long-term than he did at Kentucky.”

Immanuel Quickley — No. 37 to the Washington Wizards

Ashton Hagans — No. 47 to the Chicago Bulls

Sporting News’ Chris Stone

Tyrese Maxey — No. 5 to the Detroit Pistons

“Detroit’s roster is lacking in terms of potential stardom, so trying to find the best possible shot at that should be its primary goal in this draft. At this spot in the order, Maxey may be the best option. The Kentucky guard spent much of his freshman season sharing the offensive load with a variety of other ballhandlers, but he still had plenty of opportunities to flash his upside as a primary creator.”

Stone only did a first-round mock draft.

Tyrese Maxey — No. 19 to the Brooklyn Nets

Immanuel Quickley — No. 24 to the Miami Heat

Nick Richards — No. 34 to the Philadelphia 76ers

Ashton Hagans — No. 44 to the Portland Trail Blazers