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John Calipari congratulates Eddie Sutton on being inducted into the Naismith Hall of Fame

Calipari always remembers his mentors that helped him along the way.

On Saturday, one of John Calipari’s mentors received a tremendous honor, as former Kentucky Wildcats coach Eddie Sutton was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Calipari took to Twitter to congratulate coach Sutton.

“Coach Sutton was always very kind to me as a young coach and I’ll never forget that,” Calipari tweeted Saturday. “I’m so happy for him and his family on this well-deserved honor.”

In 1995, Sutton took his Oklahoma State squad to the Final Four when he defeated UMASS 68-54. Cal reflected on coaching against him that season.

“I walked away impressed at how hard his team played,” Calipari said. “I always had great respect for the job he did coaching and learned so much from watching his teams play.”

Rick Pitino also took to Twitter to talk about the announcement and noted that Sutton was a coach who should “have already been in”.

“Congrats to a great coach, Eddie Sutton, on his HOF honor,” Pitino said.

Coach Sutton had a very impressive 37 season coaching career and is finally getting the recognition he deserves for all the accomplishments he has achieved.