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SEC Network takes odd shot at Terry Wilson; Wildcats respond

The man has earned respect.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JAN 01 Citrus Bowl - Kentucky v Penn State Photo by Roy K. Miller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It is safe to say during this quarantine, Twitter has been a hub for sports highlights and fun.

The SEC Network’s official twitter account usually posts exciting and memorable moments from various SEC games. Today the official account may have taken this fun a little too far.

This account, today, decided to tweet a video of Kentucky quarterback Terry Wilson taking multiple sacks with audio clips with the well known phrase “put it in reverse, Terry.”

The video has since then been deleted after multiple fans, sports reporters, and media outlets became raged with the tweet. A Kentucky fan screen recorded the video before being deleted

This was not the end of the situation, as members of the UK coaching staff weighed in on the issue, including Mark Stoops.

Coach Marrow did as well.

Stoops and company have been known to use negative media as material to fuel their fire in the past. After this action today and the coach’s reactions to it, this situation will not be any different.

Terry Himself took to twitter to reassure the BBN of that.

Staff and people around the program were not the only ones outraged by this video release, as fans took to Twitter as well. I think after all this the situation will just end up as so called “bulletin-board material” and will only come back to bite everyone else.