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NCAA making more progress towards letting players profit off name, image and likeness

It’s looking more and more like this will come to pass.

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA held an important meeting Tuesday regarding the ability for players to start earning money based off their likeness, name, and image, ESPN reported.

Now, the NCAA Board of Governors will conduct a press conference. Wednesday morning to release its findings.

In the past, players making money off their likeness been shut down and said that the opportunity for students lies solely in their scholarships.

However, in more recent months, it’s been a hot topic of conversation as the general public has made noise, noting the millions made by programs and billions by the NCAA that is earned by these athletes.

That’s helped what has started this process of figuring out a capable way to pay athletes, one that gained ground in California and Florida.

The “Fair Pay to Play” Act isn’t set to kick into effect till 2023 in states that ratify it, but it may be country-wide far before that as the NCAA has starting a working group looking at possible changes to this dilemma, ESPN now reports.

“The number of lawmakers interested in the issue continues to soar. Walker estimates that more than 100 of the 535-member two-chamber group are now familiar with the fight,” Sports Illustrated’s Ross Dellenger reported.

The NCAA may also be feeling pressured by the now three top basketball recruits that have either not committed or decommitted in order to enter the G-League’s developmental program, a program set to pay half a million to the nation’s top recruit.

The only thing, aside from all-out paying these students, is to allow them a way to generate revenue. Using their platform, top-tier players could earn off anything that wouldn’t violate the university’s already-set endorsement deals.

For now, there’s been no actual change, but it will be on the way soon.