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Tuesday Quickies: Quest for a Big Man Edition

Kentucky’s search for a big man continues

Tennessee v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Kentucky’s search to add frontcourt help for the 2020-2021 season continues.

There are a lot of names being thrown around right now and it’s kind of difficult to sift through the various rumors, and then there is the chance that there is a player out there that hasn’t even been connected with Kentucky yet.

Kentucky could land someone like Makur Maker in the 2020 class, as there are some reports that Maker could actually end up going to college when many thought he would go to the NBA or overseas. Another 2020 prospect is Frank Anselem, who many think Kentucky could land if they zero in on him.

Then, with reclassification requirements loosening significantly, Kentucky could try to get a commitment and reclassification from someone in the 2021 class, like Paolo Banchero or Efton Reid. However, Kentucky isn’t a lock for either of those guys and there’s no guarantee they want to reclassify or are actively trying to.

And then there is the transfer market. If the NCAA decides to approve the one-time transfer waiver, then a whole new world opens up and a whole new pool of players become available...

As the recruiting world turns, it’s hard to say how Kentucky will approach their need for frontcourt help. If I’m guessing today, I think Kentucky lands Anselem and takes a transfer if the waiver is approved.

Anselem has the potential to be a really good player at Kentucky, but he likely isn’t a star right away. He will need some time to develop into the player that he can be, which I believe could be really productive.

As for the transfer, who knows at this point. If the waiver is approved, the transfer portal will end up being the Wild West. Anything is possible.

Or maybe Cal is keeping things close to the chest and he’s got something else up his sleeve...

Tweet of the Day

Sports will come back someday. Someday... someday...


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