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Sunday Quickies: Undrafted Kentucky Wildcats Edition

Three former Wildcats signed deals as undrafted free agents yesterday

NCAA Football: Louisville at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Lynn Bowden and Logan Stenberg heard their names called in the NFL Draft but there were a few other former Wildcats that quickly signed deals as undrafted free agents shortly after the end of the draft.

In some ways, while all these guys certainly dream of hearing their name called, there is some value in being an undrafted free agent by being able to evaluate different roster situations and contracts.

T.J. Carter was the first to sign, as he will make his way out west to join the Arizona Cardinals. Carter will join another former Wildcats defensive lineman, Corey Peters. Carter

Calvin Taylor turned his big season into a deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers, where he will join Bud Dupree on the Steelers defense with Benny Snell in Pittsburgh also.

Finally, Ahmad Wagner will be headed to Chicago where it seems they may line him up at tight end.

I actually think all three of these are good fits. It remains to be seen if Carter, Taylor, or Wagner will make their prospective rosters, but they will at least have the opportunity. Going into a unique NFL offseason, this will be something to watch.

Tweet of the Day

Hopefully there are more Ahmad Wagner highlights in the NFL.


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Three undrafted Cats signed deals yesterday.

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