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NCAA approves new rule “intended to improve” the environment of early-season play

More change in college basketball.

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Michigan State Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Despite a global pandemic, the NCAA has been hard at work making changes to college basketball the last few weeks.

Davis Cobb of CBS Sports reports the NCAA’s Division I Council passed new scheduling criteria that is intended to improve “The environment of early-season, multiple-team events in men’s basketball.”

With the new rule, these are the options team would have when forming their schedules.

  • Playing up to 28 regular-season games and participating in one multiple-team event that includes up to three games.
  • Playing 29 regular-season games and a multiple-team event that includes up to two games.
  • Playing 29 regular-season games and not participating in a multiple-team event.

Cobb reports the rule would also require:

  • all teams participating in a multiple-team event play the same number of games
  • three-game events conclude within 10 days
  • two-game events conclude within five days
  • non-Division I items cannot participate unless they are serving as the event hosts

On the rule change, the NCAA said: “The new legislation also gives teams increased control and flexibility over scheduling when, where and who to play in an additional one or two regular-season games.”

The legislation will be voted on by the NCAA Board of Directors next week before becoming official.