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Anwar Stewart aims to lead one of the best defensive fronts in the SEC

“We expect nothing but great things this year.”

Anwar Stewart Kentucky Wildcats TV

For a while there it was looking like football being played this fall was going to be a long-shot. It’s now nearly May and as all options are still on the table, it at least seems like enough positive news is beginning to trend in a way that might allow for the college football season to go on as planned.

This is not only great news for all athletes and sports fans around the country, it’s especially good news for Mark Stoops and the University of Kentucky football program.

Assuming the season does go on uninterrupted the 2020 Cats are poised to have a real shot at winning the SEC East. The recent success of Kentucky football has been predicated on winning up front. The common cliche is “you have to be able to win in the trenches to win in the SEC.”

Sure, its redundant, but it’s also very true and UK has proven as much over the last three seasons or so.

A new addition to Mark Stoops’ staff this year will be former UK pass-rusher Anwar Stewart. Stewart accepted the defensive line coaching position this spring. He sure will have his work cut out for him considering John Schlarman has created a national powerhouse of an offensive line on his side of the ball.

But UK’s defensive front hasn’t exactly been slacking as of late. Now it will be up older guys like Josh Pascal and Quinton Bohanna to lead a top 5 incoming freshman defensive line recruiting class in America.

Kentucky Sports Radio’s Nick Roush, one of the top insiders in UK football, spoke with Anwar Stewart on Wednesday and wrote a great article about his first few weeks coaching in Lexington.

One quote that really jumps out at you is Coach Stewart passionately talking about what he learned about his guys so far this spring.

“They want to get better. Effort, toughness, tenacity, these young men really want to be one of the top defensive lines in the SEC and in the country. It’s my job to get them there” Stewart told KSR.

Stewart is also extremely excited about UK’s potential for next season.

“We have a great team. We have great camaraderie. An excellent coaching staff and so I’m very excited. Everything Coach Stoops has with his vision, everybody’s all in, staff and players,” said Stewart. “We expect nothing but great things this year. Just being really excited and, shoot, I’m just ready for this thing to blow over so we can get back to work.

“We’re going to see some football. We going to get it. Everything’s going to work out.”

Be sure to read Roush’s entire piece.

Like most of you, I’m ready for some real sports and reading this has me even more excited. Is it September yet?